Dena Ford, RN, BSN, HNB-BC, CYN, RYT200

I  am a board certified holistic Registered Nurse (HNB-BC), certified  Yoganurse® (CYN), registered yoga teacher (RYT), and Reiki Master.  My background includes mental health, critical care, cardiology and aesthetics. I began incorporating yoga into my life after some difficult life experiences. I then began combining Reiki with my yoga practices and I discovered not only an amazing path to healing and connecting to my body, but a mindful and peaceful way of life.  

 I use a medical model of yoga, the healing life force energy of Reiki, sound healing and restorative practices, separately or combined, to provide relief for stress, anxiety and pain. Using my intuition combined with my medical background, I aim to provide healing and nurturing to  compliment any health regimen and provide tools for holistic living. 

As a nurse, I know there isn’t always a cure, but I truly believe that  everyone has the ability to heal. My approach is holistic and heart  centered, and I have a passion for complimentary healing modalities. 

Holistic nursing with therapeutic yoga and Reiki